I'm just weird~
I'm Nate (not my real name but~). I'm 19 and currently studying architecture. I like a lot of things, but my all-time-fandoms would be Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note and The legend of Zelda. English is not my mother language so I may surely make a couple of mistakes :3
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Hyrule Warriors- Fi

Zelda // Impa // Midna // Lana // Agitha
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「無双」 Zelda x Link
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Fun fact time: many of my old acquaintances still make joking comments whenever they see me wearing pink, because as a child (and honestly pretty much right up to high school) I would refuse to associate with any pink objects. 
It wasn’t because I didn’t like pink, it was because since I appeared female I was supposed to/ it was immediately assumed that I did and therefore it pissed me the ever-loving fuck off. I was ashamed to like it, which is terrible because pink is an awesome color. But when you shove it down young girls throats it gets really old, really fast. 
Give the child the fucking rainbow, and if they pick pink, it’s not because they are female and/or effeminate, it’s because they like the color pink. 


Gosh this
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yeah its this little guy:
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